Dr. Theoharakis has led ALBA to the top of the 'European Business Plan of the Year' competition

On 11th January 2006 a team of students of Athens Laboratory of Business Administration (ALBA) has begun to work on ways to commercially promote Tsiriggakis Technologies in order to participate in a paneuropean competition of innovation administration in Rotterdam (Holland). Thanks to Dr. Theoharakis, on Wednesday 8th July 2006, after six months of preparation, ALBA has elicited universal admiration and the greatest distinction with its participation to the competition.

Dr. Theoharakis Vasileios

ALBA's team

A few words about ALBA

ALBA Graduate Business School was founded in 1992, through a joint initiative of the Federation of Greek Industries, the leading Employers' Union in Greece, and the Hellenic Management Association; both the preparation for the creation of ALBA and its operations until the end of 1993 were funded by the European Commission and by contributions offered by its Corporate Members.

The ALBA MBA Program is a full-time, over-intensive 12-month program aiming at offering participants specialized knowledge of management and cultivating the skills that are appropriate in dealing with today's business challenges.

The team

An ALBA-MBA team, consisted of Mavraki Georgia (Marketing background), Menaya Liza (Marketing background), Pitsavos Ilias (Engineering background), Roukas Nikos (Finance background), and Serafimov Goce (Engineering background) has prepared a business plan for “Tsiriggakis Differential” in order to participate in the ALBA internal business plan competition. The above mentioned team was the winning team. The team under the supervision of Dr. Theoharakis participated in the “European Business Plan of the Year” competition that was held on 7th and 8th June 2006 in Rotterdam (Holland). It is worth mentioning that ALBA is the only Greek institution in Greece that participates in the competition and the only School in Europe that has won the competition three times within the last five years (2003,2005 and 2006).



In July 2006 an article has been published concerning the ALBA's participation in the "European Business Plan of the Year" competition. The article is written in the Hellenic language and is availlable for downloading!



For more info you can visit ALBA's official web site.




Background: Tsiriggakis Differential that ALBA has presented in the competition.

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